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Posted by Nyveria - February 23rd, 2013

so it was almost time to print of some of my artwork to add to my portfolio, I decided to use the printers at college (because its free) and the pictures came out in black and white (turns out the college printers could not print in colour) at first I was at first darth vader style "nooooooooooooooooooooooooo," but then after looking through them I noticed how bad ass a couple looked in black and white.

when I got back home I started experimenting with different filters, like sepia, grey-scale and a few arty ones like cutout and water colours. you can see my favourite with the black and white Ninja picture I posted today.

oh and yes this is probably gonna be used as my blog

Posted by Nyveria - February 22nd, 2013

so when I started my University Portfolio, I was failing miserably at making realistic artwork. my pictures had zero shading and no colour. because I'm a stuborn arse I needed to find out how I could turn my shitty little sketch into something good. now because I already knew how to use Adobe Photoshop I transfered some of my sketches onto the computer and began to edit them.
at first I would just color them in (it looked bad). then I traced the outline to give it an "inked" effect (it was starting to look good) then adding in some block colours. after some hours trying to get a drawing that looked like it was done on paint to look decent I decided to scour the web and get examples of other digital artwork. and then it dawned on me....I must shade this son of a bitch. my first try at shading was by using the gradient tool....at first it looked good but about an hour later I hated it. after trying to get the gradient tool to look good I tried a new technique and that is the technique I am using today :D

If your reading this in the future and my artwork is amazing, then check my very first pictures to see what I mean

Posted by Nyveria - February 21st, 2013

so when applying for university I got a letter back saying "blah blah come in for your interview blah blah and make a portfolio" at first the prospect of making a portfolio of drawings and designs was terrifying (mainly because I haven't picked up a pencil since art in high school.
but I started drawing and having a blast etc. and I'm genuinely loving it :D

any ways I hope I'm around for a while guys and I hope you like my shit